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Aspen Ideas Festival: Hickenlooper and Couric with 'The Dope on Pot'

Katie Couric interviews Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper at the 2014 Aspen Ideas Festival about marijuana laws, in a session titled, "The Dope on Pot." Governor Hickenlooper opposed the constitutional amendment, approved by 55% of Colorado voters, which legalized recreational marijuana. He answers questions from Couric and the Aspen Ideas Festival audience about medical and recreational marijuana laws. Hickenlooper says there is a lot more that we don't know than we know, and called marijuana legalization "one of the great social experiments of this century."

Debate: Outdoor public pools are a valuable and necessary function of a city?

A debate about the role of government in providing summertime recreation. Are outdoor public swimming pools valuable for a community? Is it important to learn to swim, and should the government pay for recreation facilities for all to use? Minnesotans debate these issues. From the "Sartell Says" debate series, the motion is: "Outdoor public pools are a valuable and necessary function of a city." Moderated by Patty Candella.