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Aspen Ideas Festival: David Brooks on character

A New York Times columnist and regular commentator for NPR, David Brooks says we live in a competitive, technological and publicity-seeking culture, and he suggests there are some values that can serve as an antidote or "counter-culture." Those are honesty, humility, self-control and courage. In his annual lecture at the Aspen Ideas Festival, David Brooks takes aim at what he calls "the happiness culture" and says we need to have deeper and more important goals in life. He says we should separate the "resume virtues" from the "eulogy virtues."

Aspen Ideas Festival: Civil rights icon John Lewis on 'March, Book 1.'

To mark the 50th anniversary of "Freedom Summer" and the passage of the Civil Rights Act, civil rights icon John Lewis was invited to this summer's Aspen Ideas Festival where he said, "Speak up. Speak out and get in the way. Get in trouble. Good trouble. Necessary trouble. That's what I've been doing for more than fifty years and I will continue to do it." John Lewis spoke about his new book, "March: Book 1" with Gwen Ifill of the PBS Newshour.