1,550 miles around Lake Superior, on foot

1 "Happily, we didn't suffer any injuries," Link said. However, Link's knees, which he's had problems with before, suffered from the day-to-day terrain. The hikers used hybrid trekking poles, which helped keep balance and take pressure off knees. This photo was taken in late August on the Sibley Peninsula, in Ontario. 
2 When on beaches, Link and Crowley usually opted to walk on the harder-packed wet sand, though the slope caused problems. "After 10+ miles of that, your legs and body begin to complain," Link said. "We tried to avoid walking in the loose, soft sand, though that wasn't always possible." This photo is from late June, in Brimley State Park in Michigan. 
3 Link and Crowley estimated that they walked in the rain for 14-15 days, but "there were a few days where we got pretty soaked through," including one day in May when the rain turned to sleet to snow. They walked on highways a portion of their trek, when access to shore was not possible. This photo, from mid-August, was taken on Highway 17, west of Rossport, Ontario. 
4 Link and Crowley summarize the meaning of the trip as "companionship, discovery, inspiration, inspiration, inspiration." The sun sets over Lake Superior on July 20, 2010 at Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario. 
5 Link and Crowley said people were incredibly helpful and kind throughout their adventure. Friends and family sent meals and shuttled them from place to place. Link and Crowley said people in front of their cabins would invite them, "to stop and have a cold drink, or sandwich, or fruit, or muffin fresh out of the oven." This photo was taken on July 20, 2010 in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario.