Photos: Isanti County boom and bust

1 Sergeant Chris Caulk with the Isanti County Sheriff's Office walks to a rural Isanti County home to issue a Writ of Recovery notice August 20, 2010. The notice, which orders residents to vacate the property, is one of several he has had to order recently because of foreclosures in the area. 
2 A sign promoting home prices and financing still stands in a neighborhood that has experienced a high level of foreclosures in Cambridge, Minn. Sept. 1, 2010. 
3 Cambridge Family Pathways food pantry coordinator Jason Southworth weighs tomatoes brought in by 9-year-old Lilia Anderson, right, and her brother Zachary Anderson, 8, in Cambridge, Minn. Sept. 1, 2010. Southworth said the food pantry is serving twice as many families as it was last year. 
4 With their son Karter Nagan, 2, looking on, Nick and Jamie Nagan load their car with food from Family Pathways food pantry in Cambridge, Minn. Sept. 1, 2010. The Nagans are both out of work and said the food shelf has been a huge help to them. 
5 Shawn Miller locks up a house that was foreclosed on and has been sitting vacant in his Cambridge, Minn. neighborhood Sept, 1, 2010. Miller said he often checks on the vacant homes in the neighborhood to make sure they are secure.