Pictures: Cooling off in the heatwave

1 The heat wave of 2011 rolls on, and the hottest air may be yet to come by Wednesday. Marianna Brooks splashed in the cool water of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minn., on July 18, 2011, as the heat index reached 112 degrees. 
2 Marques Brooks, 4, playfully dunks Ashley Roberick into Lake Calhoun on July 18, 2011. The Minneapolis, Minn., lake was a popular spot for those seeking relief from the record-breaking temperatures. 
3 Four-year-old Marquis Cates Jr. cools off in Lake Calhoun on Monday, July 18, 2011, in Minneapolis, Minn. The oppressive heat may trigger storms on Tuesday. 
4 Noah Webster (left) and Marquis Cates Jr. cool off in Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minn., on July 18, 2011. 
5 After a quick break to eat a hot dog, 4-year-old Marquis Cates Jr. begins his sprint back to the water. Cates and some of his family members spent the sweltering afternoon of July 18, 2011, at Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis, Minn.