Photos: Deployment on the homefront

1 Staff officer Freddy Munoz danced with his daughters Emma, 8, left, and Eszie, 6, during the Rum River Service Unit Girls Scouts dance in East Bethel, Minn. April 8, 2011. As Freddy prepared for his second deployment with the National Guard, he and his wife Jenny were also in the process of trying to adopt two girls they had been foster parenting for more than a year. 
2 Freddy Munoz snuggleed his daughter Emma in his arms at their home in St. Francis, Minn. March 11, 2011. Freddy Munoz said his girls were having a hard time dealing with his deployment, and they have been seeing a therapist regularly to help with the transition. 
3 Jenny Munoz photographed her husband Freddy Munoz with his going away cake in the kitchen of their St. Francis, Minn. home April 23, 2011. 
4 Freddy Munoz received a kiss from his wife's grandmother, Mary Jane Olson, during his going away party April 23, 2011. 
5 Family and friends left a going away party for Freddy Munoz in St. Francis, Minn. April 23, 2011. 
6 Freddy Munoz and other members of the Brainerd-based 1st Combined Arms Battalion, 194th Armor waited to enter the gym at a deployment ceremony in Brainerd, Minn. May 26, 2011. 
7 Freddy Munoz embraces his family before departing in Brainerd, Minn. April 26, 2011. 
8 Jenny Munoz is overcome with emotion as Freddy's bus pulled away from the Brainerd National Guard Armory April 26, 2011. 
9 Sisters Emma and Eszie eat a meal outside their St. Francis, Minn. home June 16, 2011. 
10 Jenny Munoz paused in her kitchen while preparing a meal for her daughters Nov. 11, 2011. Although Jenny said she does better when she's busy, she often feels the stress of raising two children on her own. 
11 Eszie Munoz left a note she made for her mother Jenny on the family's kitchen counter Nov. 8, 2011. After Freddy deployed, Jenny's part-time job turned into more than 50-hours-a-week, and she would often not see her girls on evenings or weekends. 
12 Emma Munoz stays close to Jenny as she prepares dinner Nov. 8, 2011. 
13 Eszie and Emma Munoz read a book that their father Freddy sent from Kuwait Nov. 8, 2011. 
14 A video of Freddy Munoz reading a book is played on the television Nov. 8, 2011. Freddy recorded the reading in Kuwait and sent the video and a book back to Emma for her birthday. 
15 Jenny Munoz cleans up the kitchen after a meal in St. Francis, Minn. Nov. 8, 2011.