MPR News pictures of the year, July through September

Special Session
1 Special Session 
Water break
2 Water break 
Sharing a laugh
3 Sharing a laugh 
Creating a manual
4 Creating a manual 
Feeling the water
5 Feeling the water 
National Night Out
6 National Night Out 
Moment of silence
7 Moment of silence 
Applying makeup
8 Applying makeup 
Canoeing at sunset
9 Canoeing at sunset 
Tristan Altman, Dustin Altman
10 Tristan Altman, Dustin Altman 
Obama visits Minnesota
11 Obama visits Minnesota 
Asleep at the fair
12 Asleep at the fair 
On the fireline
13 On the fireline 
Wild Food Summit
14 Wild Food Summit