MPR News pictures of the year, October through December

1 OccupyMN 
Taking a break
2 Taking a break 
The crowd at Atmosphere's TCF Bank Stadium concert
3 Crowd at the Atmosphere concert 
Family harvest
4 Family harvest 
Jason Christiansen
5 Jason Christiansen 
Fathia Salah
6 Fathia Salah 
Union worker Donnie Flemmer
7 Union worker Donnie Flemmer 
Raspberry seedling
8 Raspberry seedling 
Larry Tillemans and Lori Tillemans
9 Larry Tillemans and Lori Tillemans 
Crow-filled skies
10 Crow-filled skies 
Rick Nelson
11 Rick Nelson 
12 Praying 
Homer's One-Stop Mini-Mart
13 Homer's One-Stop Mini-Mart 
Michele Bachmann
14 Michele Bachmann