Photos: Twin Cities' diversity on display

1 A Mexican mural located at Bloomington Avenue and 38th Street in Minneapolis. 
2 Mural in an alley near the Islamic Information Office in Minneapolis. 
3 Mural on the side of La Poblanita, a Mexican restaurant in Minneapolis. 
4 Part of an Aztec-inspired mural entitled "The Last Command of Our Venerated Leader Cuauhtemoc." It's located near the intersection of East Lake Street and Fourth Avenue in Minneapolis, Minn. 
5 Latino life on display on East Lake Street in Minneapolis. 
6 Mural on the side of the East African restaurant Safari in Minneapolis. 
7 A Minneapolis mural depicting traditional life in Mexico. It's located near East Lake Street and 3rd Avenue South. 
8 Mural of singer Billie Holiday painted by Charles Caldwell on the side of the Fourth Street Saloon in north Minneapolis. 
9 Mural located off East Lake Street in Minneapolis. 
10 Murals showcasing American Indians near the Little Earth housing complex in Minneapolis. 
11 Part of a St. Paul mural commissioned by African American Family Services. 
12 Mural on the side of the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant in Minneapolis.