Photos: Mohamud Mumin's Somali youth exhibit

1 Mohamud Mumin, left, and Ahmed Hirsi unroll large-format photographs on March 23, 2012, in preparation for Mumin's solo exhibit at the Whittier Gallery in Minneapolis, Minn. The photography show celebrates Somali men who are making positive contributions to the Twin Cities. 
2 Mohamud Mumin, in plaid shirt, and Brian Wiley prepare Minneapolis' Whittier Gallery for the opening of the Youth/Dhalinyarada exhibit. Dhalinyarada means "the youth" in Somali. The show features large, black-and-white images of Somali men who serve as role models in their community. 
3 The photography exhibit Youth/Dhalinyarada opened on March 24, 2012. The documentary project showcases 13 young Somali men and their efforts to help others in the Twin Cities community. Here the men line up on stage to be recognized by gallery goers. 
4 Abdifatah Farah is a youth activist, actor and spoken word artist. He was photographed by Mohamud Mumin for the documentary project Youth/Dhalinyarada. 
5 Ahmed Hirsi and his wife Ilhan Omar pose in front of the photo of Hirsi at the Whittier Gallery in Minneapolis, Minn., on March 24, 2011. Their son Adnan entertains himself with his parents' smartphone. 
6 Mark Mortenson checks out the photographs on opening night of the Youth/Dhalinyarada exhibit. 
7 Hibo Guled laughs with a friend as they view the images at the Whittier Gallery in Minneapolis, Minn. "The photographs are beautiful," says Guled. "The news covers all the bad things happening in the Somali community and that's so minor compared to the good things that we do. So this is one of those positive activities that I think people need to know about." 
8 Abdirizaq Ahmed is one of 13 Somali men featured in Youth/Dhalinyarada, a documentary project which highlights the contributions these young adults are making to the United States, their adopted homeland. Ahmed is an athlete and a mentor in the Twin Cities Somali community. 
9 Adnan Hirsi, 6, takes a break from viewing the art to chat with Yassin Jama. 
10 Teacher and mentor Ahmed Ali poses in front of a large-format photograph of himself at the exhibit Youth/Dhalinyarada. The show celebrates Somali men who are making a difference in their community. Ali jokes that he doesn't know why he was included in the exhibit. "Maybe," says Ali, "the photographer wanted 12 smart, intelligent men and one average guy." 
11 Photographer Mohamud Mumin (right) and Ahmed Hirsi joke around as the opening night of Mumin's photography exhibit winds down. "I did not sleep the last two days," says Mumin, "But it was all worth the effort. A lot of people came, Somalis and non-Somalis. It feels great."