Photos: The Highway 1 Fire near Ely

1 As smoke choked them and ash rained down, Ely residents, who declined to give their name, hurriedly threw belongings into their vehicles as they prepared to evacuate. 
2 In this photo provided by the Ely Echo newspaper, a helicopter drops water over a forest fire near Ely, Minn., Thursday, May 17, 2012. A county official said the winds had blown the fire to within a quarter mile of Ely. The fire erupted after a vehicle drover over a downed power line. 
3 A CL-215 firefighting aircraft drops a load of water on a fire line near the city of Ely, Minn. Thursday May 17, 2012. 
4 A tanker drops water between the leading edge of the wildfire and the southeastern edge of Ely, Minn. 
5 As a small portion of Ely's southeastern section prepared to evacuate, a sheriff's deputy instructs a couple of local children, who promptly pedaled out of the area. 
6 A Minnesota Department of Natural Resources tanker plane pulls water from Shagawa Lake while anglers look on. 
7 Bob Artisensi, left, and members of his family ready to evacuate the Artisensi home on the southeastern edge of Ely, Minn., Thursday afternoon, May 17, 2012, as a wildfire spread by strong winds approached within half a mile of their home. As an insurance measure, Bob and his spouse, Heidi, photographed valuables throughout their home and garage in case they were destroyed by the fire. 
8 A helicopter hovers over a burning area of forest and drops water along the southern edge of Ely Minn. Thursday evening May 17, 2012. The fire burned more than 200 acres and forced an evacuation of a small part of the south side of Ely. 
9 Firefighting crews work to protect structures along Minnesota Highway 1 south of Ely, Minn. Thursday May 17, 2012. 
10 An aerial view of the wildfire that started south of Ely, Minn. Thursday, May 17, 2012.