Photos: Mud, electric shocks and more test athletes in Tough Mudder Minnesota

1 Paul Leenhouts of Mankato gets his head shaved before running the Tough Mudder Minnesota on Saturday, May 21, 2012 in Somerset, Wis. Leenhouts was running the Tough Mudder by himself on Saturday and doing it again the next day with friends. 
2 Tough Mudder Minnesota participants help each other conquer the Bale Bonds obstacle. 
3 To be sure the water remains freezing, additional ice, and lots of it, is dumped into the Arctic Enema obstacle between waves. The icy waters were a welcome respite for many participants with temperatures over 80 degrees on the race course. 
4 A Tough Mudder Minnesota participant finishes the Trench Warfare obstacle. 
5 With less than a foot separating mud from barbwire, Tough Mudder Minnesota participants battle the Kiss of Mud obstacle. Unlike the Electric Eel obstacle later in the course, these barbwires were not electrically charged. 
6 A Tough Mudder Minnesota participant slips after exiting the Kiss of Mud obstacle. 
7 Tough Mudder Minnesota participants maneuver through the Kiss of Mud obstacle. 
8 Mud-caked faces and mud-drenched clothing were the going style. 
9 Drenched in mud and ready to head forge ahead to the next obstacle, a Tough Mudder Minnesota participant shakes the mud from his hands. 
10 A common theme throughout most of the obstacles at Tough Mudder Minnesota was helping your fellow Mudder. The event organizers do not post finishing times, saying it dampens the camaraderie and teamwork, which they said the event is all about. Here, a Tough Mudder participant acts as a step for fellow Mudders tackling the Berlin Walls obstacle. 
11 Tough Mudder Minnesota participants battle slippery slopes during the Mud Mile obstacle. 
12 A Tough Mudder Minnesota participant reacts to being shocked by live electrical wires during the Electric Eel obstacle. This particular reaction was the third shock in about five seconds for this participant. 
13 A giant pit of mud between obstacles was was a good excuse for Tough Mudder Minnesota participants to cool down or tackle a friend. 
14 Tough Mudder Minnesota participants reacts to getting shocked by electrical wires carrying 10,000 volts of electricity during Electroshock Therapy, which was the final obstacle of the course. 
15 Hannah Anderson (left) of Los Angeles, Calif. hugs friend Niki Geiger (right) of Burnsville, Minn. after completing Tough Mudder Minnesota.