MPR News photos of the week

Shattuck-St. Mary's School
1 Shattuck-St. Mary's School 
Remembering Wellstone
2 Remembering Wellstone 
Harvester and truck
3 Harvester and truck 
8th District debate panoramic
4 8th District debate panoramic 
Cravaack, Nolan
5 Cravaack, Nolan 
Exploratory drilling site
6 Exploratory drilling site 
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell
7 NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell 
Percy Harvin, Jason McCourty, Akeem Ayers
8 Percy Harvin, Jason McCourty, Akeem Ayers 
Lindsay Whalen, Jenna O'Hea
9 Lindsay Whalen, Jenna O'Hea 
Big Cats! and his band performs in The Current studios
10 Big Cats! 
Ty Segall performed in The Current studios, with Emily Rose Epstein on the drums.
11 Ty Segall