Photos: A perfect day in Grand Marais, Minn.

Cub in the park
1 Cub in the park 
Crooked Spoon Cafe
2 Crooked Spoon Cafe 
Joynes Ben Franklin
3 Joynes Ben Franklin 
Grand Marais lighthouse
4 Grand Marais lighthouse 
Dining room
5 Dining room 
Fresh fish salad
6 Fresh fish salad 
Angry Trout window
7 Angry Trout window 
Neil Sherman
8 Neil Sherman 
Artists' Point
9 Artists' Point 
World's Best Donuts
10 World's Best Donuts 
Doughnuts for sale
11 Doughnuts for sale 
Betsy Bowen Studio
12 Betsy Bowen Studio 
Betsy Bowen prints
13 Betsy Bowen prints