Photos: Minnesota's Donovan Palmquist, kiln builder

1 Donovan Palmquist applies a wax coating to a pot at his home studio in Eureka Township, Minn. Thursday, Oct. 18, 2012. In addition to the pottery business he and his wife own and operate, Palmquist builds kilns for clients across the country. 
2 As his wife, Colleen Riley, works on a pot nearby, Donovan Palmquist cleans his home studio. The couple own and operate Eureka Pots of Minnesota, and were preparing for the South Central Minnesota Studio ArTour happening Oct. 20-21, 2012. 
3 Donovan Palmquist and Colleen Riley's dogs, Opie and Frieda, relax in the couple's home studio. 
4 Donovan Palmquist walks a tray of pottery from his studio to the kiln building on his property. 
5 Donovan Palmquist moves pottery pieces before firing them in the kiln at his home. 
6 Donovan Palmquist and his wife Colleen Riley load their gas-fired soda kiln. Palmquist designs and builds wood-fired and gas kilns for clients throughout the United States. Palmquist started Master Kiln Builders in the mid-1990's and said he has built more than 360 kilns for clients in 41 states. 
7 Donovan Palmquist and Colleen Riley load their kiln with a selection of their pieces. The couple owns Eureka Pots and sell their pieces at art fairs and other places throughout the year. 
8 Donovan Palmquist's gas-fired soda kiln shows signs of use at his home. 
9 Donovan Palmquist and his wife Colleen Riley work outside the gas-fired kiln building at their home studio. 
10 Finished pieces are displayed in the yard of Donovan Palmquist and Colleen Riley. The potters part of the South Central Minnesota Studio ArTour this year. 
11 Donovan Palmquist and his wife Colleen Riley share a laugh after looking at photos at their home.