Photos: A look at north country trappers

Joe Edminster
1 Joe Edminster 
Joe Edminster inspects
2 Joe Edminster inspects 
Demonstrating traps
3 Demonstrating traps 
Prepared traps
4 Prepared traps 
Interesting labels
5 Interesting labels 
Traps and tools
6 Traps and tools 
Frozen red squirrel
7 Frozen red squirrel 
A mounted bear
8 A mounted bear 
Joe Edminster's traps
9 Joe Edminster's traps 
Hundreds of traps inside Joe Edmin
10 Hundreds of traps inside Joe Edmin 
Fresh beaver hides
11 Fresh beaver hides 
A freshly trapped skunk
12 A freshly trapped skunk 
Muskrat hides
13 Muskrat hides 
Beaver testicles
14 Beaver testicles