Photos: Historic Union Depot in St. Paul

1 School children on a platform at the St. Paul Union Depot view the streamlined locomotive of the Burlington Zephyr in 1949. 
2 View of the St. Paul railroad yard showing Great Northern train in 1931. 
3 Passengers at the St. Paul Union Depot in 1936. 
4 St. Paul Union Depot 1924-1925. 
5 Passengers waiting to board trains at St. Paul's Union Depot in 1949. 
6 St. Paul Union Depot construction in 1919. 
7 People lined up for Easter Sunday dinner at the Union Depot restaurant in St. Paul, Minn. in 1962. 
8 "Railroad Day" celebration inside the St. Paul Union Depot in 1948. 
9 St. Paul Union Depot concourse in 1948. 
10 This panorama shows the new interior of the Union Depot. The landmark station reopens Saturday after a $243 million face-lift and will host a new bus hub. St. Paul hopes the depot can spark a transportation renaissance for the city.