Photos: NE Minn. flood recovery, 6 months on


1 With her mail piled up in front of her and sections of her home's siding decaying after being damaged by flooding in June from nearby Moosehorn Lake, Linda Berg spends a few quiet moments by herself looking out toward Moose Lake Elementary school Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012 at her home in Moose Lake, Minn. Berg has moved out of the house she has lived in for more than 50 years after it was almost totally destroyed in flooding from nearby Moosehorn Lake. 
2 Linda Berg reflects on the memories she had while living in her Moose Lake home of more than 50 years. 
3 Linda Berg visits one of her cats at her home in Moose Lake, Minn. Now living in an apartment, Berg says she can't stand to give up the address so she returns each day to collect mail and make sure the "two wilder cats" have food, water and a working warming pad. 
4 Linda Berg pours cat food into a dish for her "two wilder cats." 
5 In what was previously their kitchen, Alan Johnson (left) and his wife Linda Johnson (right) talk about the ongoing repairs to their home and Alan's business, Alan Johnson Photography, as a result of massive flooding in June on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012 in Thomson, Minn. 
6 Alan Johnson of Alan Johnson Photography talks about the ongoing repairs to his home and business as a result of massive flooding in June. 
7 Vermillion Street, the only road to Alan Johnson's photography business, was ruined by the June flood. This photograph is from July 8, 2012. 
8 Curt Yort and his dog Hailey stand in a room in Yort's house that was damaged in June flooding from nearby Moosehead Lake on Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012, in Moose Lake, Minn. 
9 A heavy tarp in Curt Yort's home keeps out cold air from a room that was damaged during massive flooding in June in Moose Lake, Minn. 
10 Jen Szczyrbak talks about the nearly completed repairs to her home while browsing through post-flood pictures six months after flooding destroyed much of her basement Thursday, Dec. 6, 2012 at her home in Moose Lake, Minn.