Photos of the week: Blizzard, flood and winter surfing

Superior Street, Duluth
1 Superior Street, Duluth 
2 Shoveling 
Sun Street Breads
3 Sun Street Breads 
Stony Point
4 Stony Point 
Catching a wave
5 Catching a wave 
Oakdale shooting scene
6 Oakdale shooting scene 
Shooting vigil
7 Shooting vigil 
Ash Wednesday mass
8 Ash Wednesday mass 
Greeted with hand clapping
9 Greeted with hand clapping 
Velette Arroyo
10 Velette Arroyo 
South High fight
11 South High fight 
ELL reading and writing
12 ELL reading and writing 
Mikko Koivu
13 Mikko Koivu 
Marriage rally
14 Marriage rally 
Wake Owl
15 Wake Owl 
Cleaning beaver pelt
16 Cleaning beaver pelt