MPR News photos of the week: Beargrease, marriage bill drama, and celebrating a new pope

Loons before burial
1 Loons before burial 
Beating a drum
2 Beating a drum 
One Two Three Sushi
3 One Two Three Sushi 
Same-sex marriage
4 Same-sex marriage 
Same-sex marriage
5 Same-sex marriage 
Gas leak
6 Gas leak 
Peter Schoell
7 Peter Schoell 
Looking around
8 Looking around 
Father, child
9 Father, child 
Playing together
10 Playing together 
Anan Barbarawi
11 Anan Barbarawi 
Duluth water main break
12 Duluth water main break 
Duluth water main break
13 Duluth water main break 
Great gray owl
14 Great gray owl 
Matt Cullen, Semyon Varlamov
15 Matt Cullen, Semyon Varlamov