Photos: Target Field's new food offerings

1 The Minnesota Twins and their food service provider, Delaware North Companies, unveiled this season's specials at Target Field today. They'll have some of rookies from previous seasons back, from Walk-A-Tacos to the Fulton beer. 
2 Andrew Zimmern's AZ Grill: Cabrito burger with roasted tomato and onion, $13. Hibiscus punch, $4.50. 
3 Summer Fiesta Salad: Romaine and iceberg lettuce, adobo chicken, black beans, sweet corn, roma tomatoes, green onions, red and yellow peppers, fried tortilla strips and mango chili lime vinaigrette, $9. 
4 Fish tacos: Corn tortillas filled with Mahi-mahi, pico de gallo, guacamole and salsa fresca with corn torilla chips, $13. 
5 Mac's Fish and Chips Fried Walleye: Fresh walleye fillet, battered and fried to order, $11.50. 
6 Meatloaf sandwich: Slice of meatloaf with fried onions, cheese and hand-made barbeque sauce, $11. 
7 Frankie V's Paninos: Baked, wrapped sandwiches, with either buffalo chicken or spaghetti and meatball filling, $10.50 to $12. 
8 Target Field has also replaced Klements sausage products with Sheboygan sausages, like bratwurst, cheddar bratwurst, Italian and Polish sausage in Halsey's Sausage Haus concessions, $4.50. 
9 Walleye on a spike: Walleye strips, breaded and skewered, bigger than last year, $14. 
10 Ice cream sandwiches: Vanilla-bean ice cream between fresh baked triple-chocolate chip cookies, $6. The sandwiches shown are a mini-sized sample version not for sale.