Photos: Here's how Fargo's 'Sandbag Central' works

1 First, sand is loaded from a pile outside to a bin connected to a conveyer belt. Plans are to fill 1 million sandbags in the next 10 days; half for use in the city and half for use in rural areas nearby. 
2 The sand from the bin then goes up a conveyer belt. Here, Elvis Kadrmas, a equipment operator for the city of Fargo, watches. 
3 The sand then drops into a "spider" sand-filling machine where volunteers bag it and stack the bags on pallets. Three machines were running on Wednesday, and sandbag operation manager Bruce Grubb said each machine has the ability to produce about 6,000 sandbags an hour. 
4 Landon Klein, a student from Discovery Middle School in Fargo, N.D., stacks sandbags on Wednesday at Sandbag Central. A large group of students from Discovery volunteered at Sandbag Central on its first day of operation. 
5 Thousands of bags, commonly made out of polypropelene, are needed. Here, Dan Johnston of Fargo, N.D., prepares them to be filled with sand. 
6 After the pallet is full, volunteers, including Jerry Fischer of Fargo, wrap them with plastic wrap. 
7 Forklifts then take the full pallets outside to waiting trucks. 
8 The trucks then haul the full pallets to storage, where they will be available to residents when flood waters rise.