Photos: Rain can't dampen Cinco de Mayo in St. Paul

A young drummer
1 A young drummer 
Spectators wait in the rain
2 Spectators wait in the rain 
Burning incense
3 Burning incense 
Traditional dancing
4 Traditional dancing 
Augustine Martinez
5 Augustine Martinez 
Waiting for the tacos
6 Waiting for the tacos 
Dancers take a break
7 Dancers take a break 
Lowrider show
8 Lowrider show 
Admiring a lowrider
9 Admiring a lowrider 
Polishing a headlight
10 Polishing a headlight 
Fernando Grassi Cueto
11 Fernando Grassi Cueto 
Los Alegres Bailadores
12 Los Alegres Bailadores 
Valeri Lira
13 Valeri Lira 
14 Dancers 
Traditional dancers
15 Traditional dancers 
Cinco de Mayo
16 Cinco de Mayo 
District del Sol
17 District del Sol