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Photos: Cossetta's new Pasticceria, or pastry shop

Sports & Leisure Jennifer Simonson · ·

1 The new Pasticceria at Cossetta's features more than a dozen homemade gelato choices, such as zuppa inglese, a rum-flavored custard cream gelato scented with citrus. 
2 Gelato on display at the new Pasticceria at Cossetta's Tuesday, May 21, 2013 in St. Paul. 
3 Display cases lining one wall of the new Pasticceria at Cossetta's are filled with pastries, cookies, desserts and gelato. 
4 Italian chandeliers at Cossetta's new Pasticceria. 
5 Biscotti and other sweets on display at the Pasticceria at Cossetta's. 
6 Pastry chefs Jaime Martinez, foreground, and Rachael Loney roll cookie dough in the basement bakery at Cossetta's new Pasticceria. 
7 Chocolate and vanilla butter cookies on display at the Pasticceria at Cossetta's. 
8 The display counter is filled with fruit-topped desserts at the new Pasticceria at Cossetta's. 
9 The Baba Savarin, which is a yeast cake soaked in rum syrup filled with vanilla pastry cream, is a favorite at the Pasticceria at Cossetta's. 
10 Pistachio cake on display at Cossetta's new Pasticceria. 
11 Pastry chefs Rachael Loney, center, and Jaime Martinez, right, make cookies in the new basement kitchen at Cossetta's. 
12 A view from the Pasticceria at Cossetta's into the adjacent Italian grocery, where shoppers can find fresh-baked bread. 
13 The recently expanded Cossetta's now includes an Italian bakery, grocery, pizzeria and restaurant.