Photos: Highlights from Michele Bachmann's political career

Working the room
1 Working the room 
Bush and Bachmann
2 Bush and Bachmann 
Michele Bachmann speaks at the RNC
3 Michele Bachmann speaks at the RNC 
Michele Bachmann, Steve King
4 Michele Bachmann, Steve King 
Rep. Michele Bachmann
5 Rep. Michele Bachmann 
Michele Bachmann
6 Michele Bachmann 
Michele Bachmann
7 Michele Bachmann 
Bachmann celebrates Iowa win
8 Bachmann celebrates Iowa win 
Bachmann off camera at Fox
9 Bachmann off camera at Fox 
Michele Bachmann
10 Michele Bachmann 
Michele Bachmann
11 Michele Bachmann 
Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality
12 Supreme Court Hears Arguments On Constitutionality 
6th District candidate debate
13 6th District candidate debate 
Michele Bachmann
14 Michele Bachmann 
Rep. Michele Bachmann
15 Rep. Michele Bachmann 
Bachmann and Klobuchar
16 Bachmann and Klobuchar