Photos: Reviving Minnesota's relics

Sandstone School; closed and boarded
1 Sandstone School; closed and boarded 
Insulation covered floors
2 Insulation covered floors 
Interior damage of Sandstone School
3 Interior damage of Sandstone School 
Sandstone School wall map
4 Sandstone School wall map 
Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News | <strong><a href="
5 Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News |
6 Props 
Potter Auditorium
7 Potter Auditorium 
'Spamalot' at Chatfield Center for the Arts
8 'Spamalot' at Chatfield Center for the Arts 
Spamalot cast
9 Spamalot cast 
Potter Auditorium prop room
10 Potter Auditorium prop room 
Former classroom
11 Former classroom 
Renovation plans
12 Renovation plans 
Over the fence
13 Over the fence 
Casting a shadow
14 Casting a shadow 
Stained glass windows
15 Stained glass windows 
Memory plaques
16 Memory plaques 
Exhibit open
17 Exhibit open 
View from the balcony
18 View from the balcony 
Engraved paver
19 Engraved paver 
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20 Ann Arbor Miller for MPR News |
21 Stairs 
'Confession I'
22 'Confession I' 
Save the school
23 Save the school 
Paper hands
24 Paper hands 
Kasson neighborhood
25 Kasson neighborhood 
Lorraine Spading
26 Lorraine Spading 
Abandoned books
27 Abandoned books 
A lonely playground
28 A lonely playground 
Empty school
29 Empty school 
Morris school vandalism
30 Morris school vandalism 
Decaying grounds
31 Decaying grounds 
Kickball game
32 Kickball game 
Peeling paint
33 Peeling paint 
Water damaged classroom
34 Water damaged classroom 
Damaged books
35 Damaged books 
Empty school grounds
36 Empty school grounds 
Decaying sign
37 Decaying sign 
Visitor welcome
38 Visitor welcome 
K.K. Berge Building
39 K.K. Berge Building 
Jastin Jensen and Carma Koschney
40 Jastin Jensen and Carma Koschney 
Doors opened in 1983
41 Doors opened in 1983 
Coloful carpet
42 Coloful carpet 
Safety precautions
43 Safety precautions 
Randall Creamery, no longer vacant
44 Randall Creamery, no longer vacant 
Josie Brichacek
45 Josie Brichacek 
Lois Brenner
46 Lois Brenner 
Glencoe Historic Room
47 Glencoe Historic Room 
Tea party guests
48 Tea party guests