Photos: Tall Ships Festival returns to Duluth

1 Nine majestic sailing ships evoking our nation's nautical past sailed into the Duluth harbor Thursday afternoon, July 25, 2013, during the Grand Parade of Sail that signals the start of the city's five-day Tall Ships Festival. Above, Pride of Baltimore II crewmembers including Melissa Brauner, of New Orleans, left, and Chad Lossing, of Big Rapids, Mich., work on the ship's sails as it enters the harbor. 
2 After the Parade of Ships on July 25, 2013 in Duluth, the vessels lined up on the city's waterfront. Above, the white-hulled SS Sorlandet is 210 feet long, and is from Kristiansand, Norway. 
3 The 2013 Tall Ships Festival is expected to draw even more people than IN 2010, the last time Duluth hosted a similar event, according to Terry Mattson, president and CEO of Visit Duluth. The nine ships that year attracted about 250,000 visitors to the world's largest inland port. Some of the thousands of visitors this year walked along the waterfront on Thursday, July 25, 2013. 
4 Melissa Brauner, of New Orleans, at the wheel of the Pride of Baltimore II, after she navigated it into the harbor in Duluth on July 25, 2013. 
5 Crew members of the Pride of Baltimore II work on pulling up the sails July 25, 2013 in Duluth's harbor. 
6 Brandon Fiew, of Austin, Texas, fixes up the sails of the Pride of Baltimore II, and Melissa Brauner, of New Orleans, is at the wheel as the ship heads into the harbor in Duluth July 25, 2013. City officials say the Tall Ships Festival pumps about $15 million into the local economy. Tickets have been sold to people in 47 states and all the Canadian provinces. Hotels are booked across the city. 
7 Some the thousands of spectators that lined the Duluth, Minn., shoreline to watch the arrival of the tall ships on July 25, 2013. The Duluth festival is part of a Tall Ships Challenge series of races and festivals across the Great Lakes this summer, including a commemoration of military events of the War of 1812. 
8 The retired Coast Guard Ice Cutter Sundew, foreground, and the new cutter Alder, led the parade of ships on July 25, 2013. There's a tidal wave of good publicity accompanying the ships that resonates for years after the event, said Terry Mattson, president and CEO of Visit Duluth. 
9 The U.S. brig Niagara shoots off its canon as it enters the Duluth Harbor on July 25, 2013. The ship is a replica of one that was part of the War of 1812 in Lake Erie, and was commanded by Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry. The ship is 198 feet long. 
10 The Tall Ships Challenge series attract millions of visitors. "It's a throwback to a different time and age," said Mattson, of Visit Duluth. Ships and their rigging, above, in Duluth harbor on July 25, 2013. 
11 Tall ship crewmembers high in the rigging on July 25, 2013, in Duluth harbor during the Tall Ships Festival. 
12 Brendan Anderson, an impersonator of "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie character "Jack Sparrow" aboard The Pride of Baltimore II. Anderson had attended the Tall Ship Festival in 2010, and spent much of his time on the ship the HMS Bounty. The Bounty was also used as a movie prop in the filming of some of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies. It sank, and two of its crew died, in a hurricane earlier this year. Anderson worried that young Connor Hood, 3, of Elk River, Minn., was going to take off with is hat, after Connor had got his photo with him, above.