Historical photos of Labor Day: Labor movements and strikes

1 Destruction caused by strikers in the American Gas Machine Company strike, Albert Lea, 1937 
2 Strike at Hormel Packing Plant, Austin, 1933 
3 National Guard seated along street curbing during Truck Drivers Strike, Minneapolis, 1934 
4 Northwest Airlines strike, Minneapolis, 1946 
5 Street Railway Company strike, 1917 
6 Strikers soup kitchen, Truck Drivers' strike, 1934 
7 Republic Steel Company's ore boats tied up in Duluth Harbor during the Steel Strike, 1950 
8 South St. Paul stockyards strike, 1947 
9 Teachers' strike, Minneapolis, approx. 1940-49 
10 National Guard raid on offices of the Central Labor Union, Minneapolis, 1934 
11 Using tear gas during truckers' strike, Minneapolis, 1934 
12 Four University of Minnesota students hanging out in bed after a January 14, 1944 strike cancels classes 
13 P-9 strikers and Austin Police during the 1985 Hormel strike. 
14 Austin Police move in on P-9 strikers during the 1985 Hormel strike. 
15 A P-9 striker stands outside Hormel during the 10-month strike in Austin in 1985. 
16 P-9 strikers form a picket line outside Hormel during the 1985 strike. 
17 Demonstrators blocked the main entrance to the Hormel plant, a public street and Interstate 90 exit with car and bodies on the morning of April 11, 1985. Tear gas as used to disperse the crow and 17 felony arrests were made, including labor strategist Ray Rogers. 
18 A protester leaned forward to shout at authorties during the 1985 Hormel strike.