Photos: St. Paul landmark Seven Corners Hardware closes after 80 years

1 After 80 years in business, Seven Corners Hardware owner Bill Walsh is closing the St. Paul landmark. 
2 Electrician and long-time Seven Corners customer Michael Zidel, of Minneapolis, says goodbye to some of the staff as he walks out the back door Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014. The St. Paul landmark will close in about 16 weeks. 
3 At Seven Corners Hardware, customers say they can find just about anything they need for a project. 
4 Seven Corners Hardware owner Bill Walsh walks upstairs. 
5 Inside Seven Corners Hardware merchandise is displayed floor to ceiling. The store stocks more than 50,000 items. 
6 Dave Ruedy, left, Seven Corners Hardware general manager and an employee there for 25 year, helps customer Paul Cole, right, of St. Paul, at the checkout counter. 
7 If a customer's purchase doesn't fit in a bag, it's marked with a "Thank You" sticker at checkout. 
8 The owner of Seven Corners Hardware in St. Paul announced Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 that it will be closing in 16 weeks. The property has been sold to a developer.