Severe weather Southern Minnesota reeling from floods

Vivian Maier: Out of the Shadows

Vivian Maier exhibit
1 Vivian Maier exhibit 
Self-Portrait, Tiled Mirror Reflection
2 Self-Portrait, Tiled Mirror Reflection 
Man with Hat from Behind
3 Man with Hat from Behind 
Man Leaning on Ladder
4 Man Leaning on Ladder 
Man Drinking and Smoking
5 Man Drinking and Smoking 
Holding Hands
6 Holding Hands 
Family, Transit Bus
7 Family, Transit Bus 
Self-Portrait, Bedroom Mirror
8 Self-Portrait, Bedroom Mirror 
Couple in Wind
9 Couple in Wind 
Partial View of Feet
10 Partial View of Feet 
Children on Street
11 Children on Street 
Man's Silhouette
12 Man's Silhouette 
Girls Wading in Lake Michigan
13 Girls Wading in Lake Michigan 
Self-Portrait, Full-Length Shadow
14 Self-Portrait, Full-Length Shadow 
Self-Portrait, Expressions
15 Self-Portrait, Expressions 
Man with Reflection
16 Man with Reflection 
Visitors view exhibit
17 Visitors view exhibit