Photos: At Lanesboro's rhubarb festival, it's about more than pie

1 A participant covered in rhubarb leaves makes his way through the festival grounds in Lanesboro, Minn., on June 7, 2014. 
2 Jackie Peterson dons a wedding dress and holds a bouquet of rhubarb leaves in the rhubarb fashion show. 
3 Jasmine Howden, 5, balances an egg on a rhubarb stalk, one of a number of rhubarb-based contests. 
4 Lanesboro's rhubarb festival includes a number of pie-making contests. 
5 Nicole Rasmussen gives rhubarb facials and massages using a homemade product made from rhubarb, maple syrup and sesame oil. 
6 Festival goers sample rhubarb-based offerings, from rhubarb pie to rhubarb-jalapeno jam. 
7 Olivia Milaster, 2, gets a little help with the basketball contest -- where participants try to get bits of rhubarb stalk through the hoop. 
8 Jack Redfearn helps with his wife's booth at the Rhubarb Festival on June 7, 2014. Her artworks showcase the imprint of rhubarb leaves in concrete. 
9 Kevin Sun, 8, attempts making his first pie in the youth pie-making contest at Lanesboro's rhubarb festival. 
10 Fred French gets his photo taken with one of the entrants in the largest leaf contest at the rhubarb festival. 
11 Families gather around the one non-rhubarb-based activity, a petting zoo that showcased kangaroos, wallabies and an alligator. 
12 Lanesboro has a population of approximately 750. The festival brings in visitors from around the area. 
13 Wren Bergstrom, 8, dances with a bouquet of rhubarb leaves she caught it during the rhubarb fashion show, when a contestant dressed as a bride threw the bouquet into the crowd. 
14 Holly Cashin represents the 1960s in the fashion show. 
15 Carla Joseph breaks into dance.