It just keeps raining. And raining.

1 A sandbag dike holds back most of the flood waters at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, Minn. Thursday, June 19, 2014. 
2 Dennis Tweet stands in six inches of water as he fixes fences damaged by flood waters on his farm near the town of Leota. Rain and hail storms have destroyed thousands of acres of crops in this part of southwest Minnesota. 
3 High water along Minnehaha Parkway in Minneapolis brought out the curious, armed with cameras. The flooding submerged parts of the walking and biking trails along the creek Thursday, June 19, 2014. 
4 Professional kayaker Hunt Jennings goes over Minnehaha Falls Thursday in Minneapolis. Watching his descent were members of his safety crew, including Shane Brink, Josh Fischer and Tony Locken. Jennings is from Chattanooga, Tenn. 
5 Hunt Jennings paddles toward his safety crew after kayaking over Minnehaha Falls Thursday. At left are Josh Fischer, Shane Brink and Tony Locken, members of his safety crew. 
6 A car is stalled on a flooded James Ave. So. near W. 50th Street in Minneapolis as flash floods ripped through Minnesota Thursday. 
7 Pedestrians run across Lake Street in Uptown seeking shelter from the pouring rain Thursday morning in Minneapolis. 
8 Calvary Christian Reformed Church facilities manager Ken Hedwall attempts to clear a storm drain near the Edina church Thursday. 
9 Rows of corn sit awash in a field near Mapleton, Minn. Due to heavy rains in the region, many farmers are losing portions of their crops. 
10 Matt Michel carries wet carpet matting out of the flooded basement of Nathan and Heather Jackowell's house in Rapidan, Minn., on Wednesday. Nathan said that there was two feet of water in his basement at its highest point. 
11 A man, who only identified himself as Kevin, pushes a stroller and walks with two dogs around Caribou Coffee, which became an island surrounded by water from a flooded Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis on Thursday, June 19, 2014. He said they couldn't leave because his car was trapped in the parking lot. Although he was stranded there for at least three and a half hours, he said, "There are worse places to be stuck at, right?" 
12 Adam Thompson uses a power washer to clean off a deck at Rasmussen Woods Park as he and others from the City of Mankato cleaned up after a storm brought mud into the park Wednesday. 
13 Carla Wendt and her son walk over their yard that was covered with over six inches of silt south of Mankato, Minn., Wednesday. A log jam that was created in a creek above her property carried all of the silt onto her property. 
14 Yards all along Minnehaha Creek are flooded from heavy rains, like these in Edina on Thursday, June 19, 2014. 
15 Jonathan Nickel, right, helps Michael Jackowell, left, take down the shades in the basement as the Jackowell family cleared out their flooded basement in Rapidan, Minn., Wednesday. Nathan Jackowell said that they have an outdated tiling system that backs up whenever there is heavy rains and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency is not allowing the citizens of Rapidan to modify the tiling. 
16 Waters from the Rapidan Dam rush out from the dam on Wednesday. Water levels in many rivers are very high and more rainfall may mean more extreme flooding. 
17 Ron Schroeder walks through the mangled metal that was formerly grain elevators on Mike Fields' farm property south of Mapleton, Minn. The grain bins were twisted and toppled as a tornado came through the area on Monday. 
18 Dale VanThuyne clears mud off of a pathway at Glenwood Cemetery after rains caused the mudslide on Wednesday. The Mankato area received five to seven inches of rain, starting on Tuesday night into Wednesday. 
19 Matt Straub clears debris away from a grate along Thompson Ravine Creek in Mankato, Minn., Wedneday. Overnight rains, in the range of five to seven inches, backed up the ravine. Jim Braunshausen, Deputy Director of Public Works for the city, said that crews were out at 3 a.m. cleaning up the damage caused by the storm. 
20 A mudslide on Highway 66 south of Mankato. The mudslide caused the road to be closed on Wednesday morning as workers cleared the road of dirt and debris. Other mudslides in the area closed some roads for a short time, but most were cleared by Wednesday afternoon. 
21 Tom Bateman clears the driveway to Carla Wendt's house after an overnight storm carried the mud and silt onto her property from a nearby stream. Wendt's property was covered in mud but her house was spared from flooding. 
22 A bike sits in mud that was carried in from overnight rains at Carla Wendt's house south of Mankato, Minn. Wendt's property was covered in mud and silt but her house was spared from any flooding. 
23 Robert Nienow drives his four-wheeler past one of his damaged sheds on his farm property north of Mapleton, Minn. The property was damaged as a tornado came through the area on Monday. 
24 Adam Estrem, youth minister at St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Edina, points to where Minnehaha Creek has come over the sandbags and into the church on Thursday, June 19, 2014. 
25 Hardly any soybean plants survived a hail storm in this field in southwest Minnesota -- the ice sheared most of them off.