Photos: Kayaker braves raging Minnehaha Falls

1 Professional kayaker Hunt Jennings goes over Minnehaha Falls Thursday in Minneapolis. Watching his descent were members of his safety crew, including Shane Brink, Josh Fischer and Tony Locken. Jennings is from Chattanooga, Tenn. 
2 Hunt Jennings paddles toward his safety crew after kayaking over Minnehaha Falls Thursday. At left are Josh Fischer, Shane Brink and Tony Locken, members of his safety crew. 
3 Josh Fischer congratulates professional kayaker Hunt Jennings after Jennings successfully paddled over a swollen Minnehaha Falls Thursday. 
4 Professional kayaker Hunt Jennings rests momentarily against his kayak after paddling over the raging Minnehaha Falls Thursday evening. 
5 Hunt Jennings' only injury from kayaking over the raging Minnehaha Falls was a small cut above his lip. 
6 Pro kayaker Hunt Jennings, carrying his kayak, leaves Minnehaha Park after paddling over Minneapolis' Minnehaha Falls, swollen by days of nonstop rain, Thursday. 
7 Minnehaha Creek rose a foot and a half to an all-time height in Thursday's nonstop rainfall.