Photos: Even though the rain has stopped, the waters keep rising

1 A truck carrying heavy rocks into Blakeley Township crosses flooded County Rd. 6, one of the only vehicles able to navigate into the town. 
2 Blakeley resident Bruce Neiderkofler begins the arduous process of digging through the sand that surrounded his front door Tuesday. Neiderkofler said he has a foot of sand on his first floor, and mud on the basement. He's lost his washer, dryer, furnace, and other appliances. A twenty-year Blakeley resident, he's now retired, so he says he'll have time to work on getting his house habitable again. He has no flood insurance. 
3 A lawn ornament puppy is buried in sand and mud after flooding in Blakeley. 
4 Scott County officials inspect County Road 1, one of several roads into Blakeley that were closed due to crumbling roads and a downed tree. 
5 Trucks such as this one hauling rocks to build a dam to protect the railroad tracks were the only vehicles large enough to cross the flooded County Road 6 into the town. 
6 A mud-covered downed tree caught in the mudslide on County Road 6. 
7 Trailers sit in water next to the flooded Minnesota River on Tuesday. 
8 Wet mud covered several resident's yards closet to the flooded Minnesota River on Tuesday. 
9 The largest mudslide was alongside County Road 6 leading into Blakeley. 
10 An NSP employee checks flooded homes on Union Trail in to make sure the electrical circuits are dry on Tuesday, the day after the town was evacuated due to a mudslide and high water. 
11 Chad Swehla uses a backhoe to remove mud and silt out of a ditch along Highway 169 between Le Sueur and St. Peter. The silt was moved from nearby fields during last week's heavy rains. 
12 The intersection of Ridge Road and Highway 93 in Henderson, Minn., Tuesday, June 24, 2014. The National Guard has been called in to help the citizens of Henderson keep flood waters at bay while the Minnesota River slowly recedes. 
13 Drivers on Highway 169 pass by a flooded area. Highway 169 South between Mankato and St. Peter was closed down to one lane due to flooding. Further north, 169 was closed going both directions between St. Peter and Le Sueur. 
14 Linda Becker checks out a landslide caused by recent storms along Lee Boulevard in North Mankato, Minn. 
15 The Highway 19 bridge in the city of Henderson, Minn. was closed due to flooding on Tuesday. The National Guard was called in to augment the Henderson police department and is assisting in stopping the flow of the river into the city. 
16 A retaining wall on Highway 19 keeps water from the Minnesota River from flooding into Henderson, Minn. Water levels have crested in the area, but more rainfall would cause further damage to areas that are already saturated. 
17 Heavy rains in Henderson, Minn. created small fault-like lines in some yards. Any further rain would cause large landslides along the ridges. 
18 Bob Hague, left, and Jim Goblirsch work on cutting wood in a shop in Henderson, Minn. The wood will be used for "No Trespassing" signs along the Minnesota River as retaining walls keep flood waters out of the city. 
19 Lonny Madden drives a loader to pick up debris off of Highway 169 between St. Peter and Le Sueur. The highway was closed going both directions on Tuesday, but Jed Falgren, Maintenance Engineer with the Minnesota Department of Transportation, said that he hopes to have the stretch of highway back open by the end of the week. 
20 Sgt. Harrington of the National Guard puts zip ties on a newly assembled fence in Henderson, Minn., on Tuesday. The fence was made to keep onlookers away from the high and dangerous waters of the fast moving Minnesota River. 
21 A "geofabric" tarp covers the area where a mudslide occurred near the University of Minnesota's Fairview Medical Center above West River Parkway in Minneapolis. 
22 Upper Landing Park is submerged as the Mississippi River water level rises. An expected crest of 20.5 feet on Thursday, June 26, 2014, has closed Shepard Road. 
23 Pumps remove excess groundwater under the Union Depot in St. Paul on Tuesday. 
24 Sandbags and other supplies are ready for use along Shepard Road and Warner Road as the Mississippi River continues to swell. 
25 A pair of Delano residents monitor the temporary levee built at the foot of Bridge Street, keeping the Crow River flooding from rising into downtown on Tuesday. It's the second highest flood since the great flood of 1965. 
26 Maureen Curran and Pat Baumgartner walk along the flooded Mississippi River on Tuesday. "This is the deepest I've ever seen it," said Baumgartner. 
27 Commuters face many obstacles as the Mississippi rises, flooding bike paths and roads along the banks.