In dance performance, story unfolds floor by floor

1 Audiences for the dance-theater piece KOM HIT! are met by performers outside the Turnblad Mansion in Minneapolis on July 3, 2014. 
2 Patrons are given stick-on mustaches and asked to wear them during the hour-long show. The faux facial hair is a reference to author August Strindberg, the inspiration for the artistic work and a man whose image rested on his ever-changing mustache styles. 
3 Scenes take place throughout the mansion. Audience members follow actors from the pantry to the ballroom to the kitchen to view the dramatic mix of theater and dance. 
4 Sally Rousse (right), rogue dancer, choreographer and show creator, performs in KOM HIT! 
5 Audience members sport self-adhesive, theater-provided, August Strindberg-inspired mustaches during the entire performance. 
6 Showgoers make their way through the Turnblad Mansion, catching dramatic scenes in each room they pass. 
7 KOM HIT! was inspired by Swedish author August Strindberg and "his obsession with gender imbalance, class inequality and a morose disquietude of the heart." 
8 In each performance of KOM HIT!, different scenes occur in different rooms at the very same time. Audiences follow the action through the Turnblad Mansion. 
9 It's said that KOM HIT! offers surprises around every corner. Here a young actress waits, partially hidden in the pantry, for just the right moment to appear. 
10 Actors occasionally interact with audience members. Other times, performers pretend that audience members can't be seen. 
11 Performers seem to pop up around every corner. 
12 Nearly all performances of KOM HIT! at the American Swedish Institute have sold out. 
13 Actors not only perform inside the Turnblad Mansion; they can be spotted outside the building as well.