Two friends bond with each other -- and their culture -- at camp

1 Gabrielle Dow, second from right, rides her horse through Birch Coulee Battlefield during horse training at camp Dakota Wicohan. This is Gabrielle's second year at camp. 
2 Gabrielle walks her horse back to the stable after riding. She said that the hardest part of learning to ride a horse is getting the bridle on. 
3 Nevaeh Hoffman, 12, helps Gabrielle, 11, make a globe figure out of hoops in front of Gabrielle's house in Redwood Falls, Minn. Nevaeh is part Lower Sioux and Standing Rock and Gabrielle is Lower Sioux and is a direct descendant of Little Crow. 
4 Nevaeh, left, helps Gabrielle, center, and Gabrielle's opponent study a few words before they compete in a Dakota language game. They said the hardest part of learning Dakota is speaking the language. 
5 Nevaeh laughs during a Dakota language competition. This is her third year at camp. 
6 Nevaeh and Gabrielle were very excited as they competed in a Dakota language bowl. Clockwise from upper left: Nevaeh and Gabrielle get ready to press their buzzer as a question is asked. Nevaeh covers her face as she gets an answer wrong. Nevaeh and Gabrielle are excited after correctly answering a question. Nevaeh and Gabrielle are all smiles after getting a question right. 
7 Gabrielle, second from right, and Nevaeh, far right, join in a team huddle. 
8 Nevaeh, second from left, and Gabrielle, center, lead a closing song in Dakota. The two have known each other since the third grade, go to the same school and strengthen their friendship at camp. 
9 Gabrielle and Nevaeh make a hawk pose while practicing for their hoop dance performance at Family Fun Day, where everyone from camp showcased what they've learned. 
10 Gabrielle makes a flower during the hoop dance performance at Family Fun Day. 
11 Nevaeh and Gabrielle walk back to the Family Fun Day activities after exploring a nearby creek with Gabrielle's brother.