Cool castles: Ice palaces of the Winter Carnival

The first Winter Carnival ice palace was built in 1886 at Central Park between Cedar and Minnesota streets (now a parking ramp for the State Capitol). It was illuminated at night with electric lights using color globes. It took three weeks and 200 men to build the 106-foot-tall palace. 

There's a new icy attraction this year at the Winter Carnival: a royal courtyard. An ice palace could return in 2018.

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Photos: Marchers #ReclaimMLK

Marchers gathered at Snelling and University. 

Marchers celebrated Martin Luther King Day with a walk from Snelling and University Avenues to the State Capitol steps, where they listened to speeches, chanted protests and remembered those who lost their lives in police shootings.

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Our favorite photos of 2014

Ominous clouds over Minneapolis 

As the year draws to a close, we took a look back at some of our favorite photographs of year -- images that give us a glimpse into the people, places and events that helped shape life in Minnesota in 2014.

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