Photos: Spray can art steps up and out in Moorhead

Aerosol artist and DJ Micah Leitel, 32, worked on "Bubbles," a public art piece commissioned by the city of Moorhead, Saturday. "I never thought the city of Moorhead would commission me to do anything," said Leitel, who graduated from Moorhead High in 2000. 

An interactive aerosol art workshop invited anyone and everyone to sample spraying acyclic paint on practice walls in the heart of the city.

Photos: One-of-a-kind Stormwater Park protects Mississippi Watershed

A green roof garden design 

Stormwater Park and Learning Center in Minneapolis uses engineering, beauty and research to help people learn what happens to rainwater running off buildings, streets and parking lots. It opens Saturday.

Seeking shelter: Photos of Europe's migrant, refugee crisis

A young girl was helped ashore as she arrived with others aboard a dinghy after crossing from Turkey to the Greek island of Lesbos Wednesday. Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the European Commission, issued an impassioned plea Wednesday for Europe to face its immigration crisis. "Winter is approaching," Juncker said. "Do we really want families sleeping in railway stations?" 

Hundreds of thousands of refugees and other migrants are struggling to reach haven in Germany and other European countries. The stream of new arrivals remains steadfast with no end in sight.

Photos: Vikings stadium starts to take shape

U.S. Bank Stadium 

At just over a year to completion, the new Vikings stadium is starting to look like -- a stadium. The sign, naming it the U.S. Bank Stadium, went into place Monday. The roof is creeping across, and the seat risers are in place.

Photos: Remembering Rondo, while letting go of the pain

Former Rondo residents are recognized 

City and state leaders apologized Friday for the bulldozing of a predominantly African-American neighborhood to make way for Interstate 94 in the 1960s at a ceremony designed to help heal old wounds.