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Congratulations! You've just survived what will probably be the coldest weekend of the year.

Some interesting numbers from the weekend cold wave.

Embarrass bottomed out at -36 Staurday, -32 Sunday. MSP Airport -14 Saturday, -15 Sunday.

Lakeville and Hutchinson hit -20. Eden Prairie -19.

MPR host Tom Crann and many others in the metro observed a ring around the moon Sunday night. This is caused when ice crystals refract the moonlight in an arc around the moon. This optical phenomenon is very common when high thin cirrus clouds are present, and can signify coming rain or snow.

Daylight noticeably longer now as we've gained 39 minutes of daylight in the past month.

Warming trend kicks in Thursday afternoon through the weekend. Upper 20's to lower 30's by the weekend.

After today's light snow in the metro and plowable snow in southern Minneosta, the next chance for big snow comes in next Sunday night and Monday.

Snow today

Enjoy the MLK Day Holiday!


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