Meteorological hump day

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We're more than half way home.

Meteorological winter consists of December through February. By that measure, January 15th was the mid-point. If winter was a week, it would be Wednesday night. The weekend is in sight, but we've still got more "work" to do.

So far this has been a pretty "average" winter by most measures.

December temps in the metro were 2.1 degrees below average. January is running 1.1 degree above average so far. So overall temps are near average, which is much colder than any of the past several years.

Season snow is 20.4" so far in the metro. That’s 10.1 inches below the average of 30.5 inches.

Today is our 13th morning below zero. Last year we had 16, and that's average.

So as you sip your coffee and watch the landscape at -15 around much of the metro this morning and -35 up north, take comfort in the fact that winter is more than half over. And it's going to be 50 degrees warmer than it is right now by Sunday and Monday afternoon!


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