Winter on the way

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NOAA "SREF" model ensemble paints a 6"+ snowfall "bulls eye" over central Minnesota.

We're due.

Our next wave in a more active snow pattern is headed into the Upper Midwest for Thursday. Snow, wind, then know the drill.

This could end up being the biggest single snow event for the metro this winter.

Low pressure is deepening tonight near the Wyoming-Colorado border. The low will streak eastward over the next 24 hours and glide south of Minnesota.

Look for snow to bust out by late tonight in the eastern Dakotas and spread eastward into Minnesota Thursday morning. The latest thinking is that snow should begin in the metro toward the tail end of AM rush or by mid morning, then increase in intensity through lunchtime. Expect a snowy and slick PM rush Thursday. It might be a good day to make arrangements to be home early if you can swing it.

The best thinking now is that the heaviest band of snow may set up from Ortonville through Willmar, the Twin Cities and Eau Claire. This is the area that could pile up 4" to 8" by Thursday night. There are indications there could be some isolated 10" amounts.

There is some indication that we could see a few "convective snowbursts" with this system. If that happens, you may hear a clap of thunder, and see enhanced snowfall rates for a time.

Stay safe, and enjoy what could be one of the "best" storms of the winter!


Upper Midwest surface map

Twin Cities NWS info

NWS NEXRAD doppler radar sites

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