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Oberstar fears Afghanistan may detract from economic recovery

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Air Force Techincal Sgt. Phllip M. Huaser
Air Force Techincal Sgt. Phllip M. Huaser from Salina, Kansas, assigned to the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device(CIED) route clearance unit wears a silver Mjolnir, the Viking God Thor's hammer as he guards Highway One near the town of Maidan Shar, Wardak province, Afghanistan Monday Nov. 30, 2009.

President Obama is expected to announce Tuesday that he will send about 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.  Obama is also expected to clarify why the U.S. is fighting the war and to lay out a path toward disengagement.  

He is scheduled to discuss his new strategy in Afghanistan tonight at West Point.  

Those troops will secure population centers, step up the fight against the Taliban and train Afghan security forces to gradually assume control.  

Minnesota DFL U.S. representative James Oberstar said he wants to hear more from the president, including how he plans to pay for the expanded war effort. 

"I am very skeptical of the Afghanistan engagement and concerned that the cost of entry into Afghanistan will detract from our ability to continue investing in economic recovery and bring our economy back and create jobs at home," Oberstar said. 

Oberstar said he also wants the president  to explain why he made his decision, explain why it's the right one and show how he plans to complete the mission and bring the troops home.