Photos: Mud, electric shocks and more test athletes in Tough Mudder Minnesota

Paul Leenhouts
1 Paul Leenhouts 
Bale bonds
2 Bale bonds 
Artic Enema
3 Artic Enema 
Trench Warfare
4 Trench Warfare 
Kiss of Mud
5 Kiss of Mud 
Slipping in  mud
6 Slipping in mud 
Kiss of Mud
7 Kiss of Mud 
Muddy clothes
8 Muddy clothes 
Drenched in mud
9 Drenched in mud 
10 Teamwork 
Slippery slopes
11 Slippery slopes 
Being shocked
12 Being shocked 
Pit of mud
13 Pit of mud 
Getting shocked
14 Getting shocked 
15 Hug