MPR photos of the week

CSL Tadoussac
1 CSL Tadoussac 
Quarterback Joe Webb
2 Quarterback Joe Webb 
Shannon and Jon Cliff
3 Shannon and Jon Cliff 
Minnesota Wild
4 Minnesota Wild 
Sorting recyclables
5 Sorting recyclables 
Cleanup after water main break
6 Cleanup after water main break 
House members sworn in
7 House members sworn in 
Kevin and Donna Woodard
8 Kevin and Donna Woodard 
Welfare advocates
9 Welfare advocates 
Doug Benson
10 Doug Benson 
400 Bar
11 400 Bar 
St. Columba Church
12 St. Columba Church 
Gun summit
13 Gun summit 
Preparing for pond hockey
14 Preparing for pond hockey 
Preparing for pond hockey
15 Preparing for pond hockey 
16 Runaway 
Ricky Rubio
17 Ricky Rubio