MPR photos of the week: Marriage, kayaking, walleye and more

Same-sex marriage supporters
1 Same-sex marriage supporters 
Kurt Daudt
2 Kurt Daudt 
Leyva, Dibble
3 Leyva, Dibble 
Linda Eno in Lake Mills Lacs
4 Linda Eno in Lake Mills Lacs 
Chris Baer
5 Chris Baer 
John Holton of Minneapolis
6 John Holton of Minneapolis 
Mike Yeo
7 Mike Yeo 
Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding
8 Minnesota Wild goalie Josh Harding 
Applauding bill passing
9 Applauding bill passing 
Last Place on Earth tattoo
10 Last Place on Earth tattoo 
Truck-train collision
11 Truck-train collision 
Zebra mussels
12 Zebra mussels 
Supreme Court justices
13 Supreme Court justices 
Supreme Court hearing
14 Supreme Court hearing 
Fernando Grassi Cueto
15 Fernando Grassi Cueto 
Cinco de Mayo
16 Cinco de Mayo