Franken, McFadden spar in contentious debate

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Sen. Al Franken and his Republican challenger Mike McFadden await the start of their second one-on-one debate on Sunday.
Mark Zdechlik / MPR News

In their second one-on-one debate, a contentious affair held Sunday, Sen. Al Franken and his Republican challenger, Mike McFadden, argued about national security, health care, partisanship and McFadden's business record.

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It was a free-flowing conversation without opening and closing statements, timekeepers or formal rebuttals. Both candidates took advantage of loose rules, often interrupting one another — sometimes almost shouting to make their points as moderators tried to keep the discussion on track.

Franken and McFadden outlined their differences on several key issues, including:

• Ebola-related travel bans

• Obamacare

• Support for President Barack Obama

• U.S. policy toward Syria

• Washington gridlock

Franken and McFadden are scheduled to meet Sunday, Nov. 2 for one final debate before the Nov. 4 election.

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