Photos: Star Tribune staff says goodbye to old building

Star Tribune newsroom
1 Star Tribune newsroom 
Papers and photograph
2 Papers and photograph 
Packing belongings
3 Packing belongings 
Desk stack
4 Desk stack 
Phone booth
5 Phone booth 
Empty data center
6 Empty data center 
Vacated advertising floor
7 Vacated advertising floor 
Abandon tracks
8 Abandon tracks 
Old door
9 Old door 
Men's locker room
10 Men's locker room 
News clippings
11 News clippings 
Clip room
12 Clip room 
Marking additions
13 Marking additions 
Ink tanks
14 Ink tanks 
Album collection
15 Album collection 
Lobby area
16 Lobby area 
Star Journal sign
17 Star Journal sign 
Building cornerstone
18 Building cornerstone 
Star Tribune building
19 Star Tribune building 
Delivery garages
20 Delivery garages