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Aspen Ideas Festival: Longevity in the 21st century

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Laura Carstensen
Laura Carstensen is the director of the Stanford Center on Longevity. She was a featured speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival in Aspen, Colo., on Sunday, June 28, 2015.
Courtesy Dan Bayer | Aspen Ideas Festival

An Aspen Lecture about the implications of increased human longevity. Laura Carstensen says the majority of children spending time on playgrounds in the developed world right now will live to be one hundred, and even older. In most of human history, life was short. What are the challenges for an aging society? Carstensen is founding director of the Stanford Center on Longevity and author of "A Long Bright Future: Happiness, Health and Financial Security in an Age of Increased Longevity."