Photos: Krampus is coming to town

Ross Otto, dressed as Krampus, frightens Dylan Welch.
Outside the Union Depot train station in St. Paul on Saturday, the European Christmas Market is in full swing. Shoppers are browsing handmade gifts and sipping mulled wine. Then they hear it. It's the sound of ball bearings rattling around in big steel bells. In the crowd, Ross Otto, dressed as Krampus, frightens Dylan Welch.
Evan Frost | MPR News

Santa Claus is everywhere around the holidays, from making appearances at malls to hawking soda in commercials.

But the holiday season wasn't always just brightness and presents. Some central European cultures have traditionally incorporated a figure called Krampus into the holidays. While Santa or St. Nicholas bring presents to good children, Krampus punishes children who act badly.

One group is working to introduce the Krampus tradition to Minnesota.

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