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Dayton slowed by hip injury

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Gov. Mark Dayton takes questions from reporters on June 25, 2013. (MPR Photo/ Tim Nelson)
Gov. Mark Dayton (MPR Photo/ Tim Nelson)

Gov. Mark Dayton cancelled his public schedule today due to a recent injury.

Gov. Mark Dayton (MPR Photo/ Tim Nelson)


Dayton spokesman Bob Hume said the governor tore a muscle in his hip over the weekend, but he did not say how the injury occurred. Hume said Dayton had it checked out at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester on Monday and is now receiving physical therapy.

"He's in some discomfort," Hume said.

Dayton was originally scheduled to take part in a grand opening celebration for Endeavor Air (formerly known as Pinnacle Airlines) at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport.


Wednesday afternoon the governor's office put out this statement from Dayton describing how he hurt himself:

“Early Saturday afternoon, I was hurrying down the stairs at the Residence to go to a DFL beanbag event.  Since it was very casual, I had on my jeans and sneakers.  I took the bottom two steps together, landed on my left leg, and pivoted toward the hallway.  Suddenly I felt and heard a loud "pop" in front of my left hipbone, followed by a spasm of pain.  The problem was more than the pain, though.  I couldn't walk normally.  I had little strength in my left leg.

I rested it all day Sunday; then Monday morning arranged to go to the Mayo Clinic for an evaluation.  They took x-rays, conducted other tests, and concluded that I had torn the Sartorius muscle in my left hip.  I had both injured the muscle and also torn it (detached it) from my left hipbone.  It is not a major muscle; but it is a weight-bearing and stabilizing muscle, which explains my instability, which will persist until other muscles are trained to take over its functions.

The doctors concluded there was no apparent damage to the hipbone, no stress fracture, etc.  That was the good news. They recommended rest, physical therapy, ice and anti-inflammatories, and the use of a cane or a crutch for the next couple weeks.  If there is not noticeable improvement, I am to return to them.”