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The Daily Digest (advocates say health plan is unfair, no DFL endorsement in mayor’s race)

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Welcome to Monday's Daily Digest. Today we'll look at inequality in the state's plan to comply with the federal health care law, a wide open race for mayor in Minneapolis and even more revelations about U.S. government snooping -- this time targeting world leaders.


Advocates for poor say MNsure's 2-tier enrollment system is unfair (MPR News)

Under the new federal health care law, states must help consumers sign up for health insurance coverage. And they’re relying on community groups to help achieve this. But the state will compensate these groups at a much lower rate for enrolling low-income people eligible for Medicaid.

No DFL endorsement in Mpls. mayor race (MPR News) Two other candidates joined forces to help deny former Hennepin County Commissioner Mark Andrew the DFL endorsement. All six DFL candidates plan to stay in the race.

Sequester cuts hit home for Minnesotans (Star Tribune) Although Minnesota’s in a better position than many states that rely more heavily on federal money, Minnesotans are bracing for the impacts of the sequester, which will include pay cuts and disruptions to services like Meals On Wheels, federal courts and Head Start.

Benson intends to run against Walz in 2014 (New Ulm Journal) Republican Mike Benson, who was first elected to the state House in 2010, will run against DFL Rep. Tim Walz in Minnesota’s 1st Congressional District. Benson said Walz has only passed legislation aimed at keeping his seat in Congress.

Independence Party role in 2014 Minn. governor's race is hazy (Associated Press) No gubernatorial candidates have yet stepped forward to represent the Independence Party, which has attracted significant support, although short of winning, in recent state elections.

MN for Marriage says money a big reason it lost marriage fight (MPR News) The group that opposed same-sex marriage spent only $200,000 between Jan. 1 and May 31 while their opponents, who succeeded in their goal of legalizing same-sex marriage, spent about $2 million.

Leinenkugel accepts MN lawmaker's apology (Associated Press) Hyperbole at the state Legislature last session hit a high mark when GOP Rep. Kurt Zellers described Wisconsin's Leinenkugel's as "bathwater." No worries, though. All has been forgiven.

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again to pass your bill next year (Star Tribune) Lawmakers who introduced bills ranging from a minimum wage increase to bullying are pinning their hopes on next session.


New Leak Indicates U.S. and Britain Eavesdropped at ’09 World Conferences (New York Times) The U.S. and Britain set up an internet cafe where emails and other electronic communications were intercepted, according to documents published by The Guardian. Authorities also intercepted cell phone calls at the conference. The disclosures have added to concerns that private contractors for the National Security Agency have access to too much secret information.

Republicans trying to use health-care law to derail Obama’s immigration reform efforts (Washington Post) Republicans in Congress are seeking to tie an immigration overhaul to the new federal health care law. In the Senate, a bill has been introduced that would deny immigrants health benefits for five years after they become legal residents. House GOP proposals would deny illegal immigrants access to emergency medical care. It would also make them ineligible for federal health insurance subsidies and require them to purchase private health insurance plans to receive legal residency.

Bachmann tries to rally conservatives against immigration bill (MPR News)

Speaking at a conservative conference, the 6th District representative said immigrants are a drain on social services. Earlier this week in an interview with a conservative news site, Bachmann argued that naturalizing immigrants who are here illegally would permanently shut Republicans out of power.

Anticipating Bachmann's absence, DFL nudges Kline into bull's-eye (MPR News) DFL officials see the district, which Obama won by a small margin in 2012, as winnable on paper.

Wisconsin's Walker Downplays Presidential Buzz (Associated Press) The Wisconsin governor is showing all the signs of presidential ambition. He’s writing a book, heading an Iowa fundraiser and keeping up a busy speaking schedule outside the state. While Republicans tout Walker’s success in taking on unions, Democrats hope to pin the state’s lagging recovery on him.

Obama Begins European Trip With G-8 Summit In Ireland (National Public Radio) Today’s agenda will include an explanation of the president’s recent decision to begin arming Syrian rebels. Obama will also likely face questions about the United States’ spying efforts, which likely ensnared citizens of the G-8 countries.